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May.28th at Hashstash / Help us make Splash Damage


Like we already announced, the next game that we are working on is called Splash Damage (not to be confused with the awesome game developers with the same name). We also showcased the game, recently, at Casual Connect Asia 2014 and got a lot of feedback on how the game plays right now and the directions it can take in future.

We are now opening up the game, for want of a better word, for Early Access. These are extremely early days and the game is not polished at all, but we are sharing builds of the game and getting feedback on how it plays. It can be very clunky and cumbersome to play, but we plan to release updates every fortnight with latest snapshots of the game.

Also, because, we are stretching the limits of particle physics and visual effects on mobile devices, we are interested in seeing how the game performs on different devices. As of now, the game is slated to be an iOS exclusive.

Head over to this thread on Touch Arcade forums, where we are sharing promo codes (for redeeming the game) and recording feedback. Take a promo code, play the game and give us feedback. It will all be used to make our best game yet for mobile devices.

Thanks for helping us out!

Touch Arcade thread about Splash Damage

An additional plug: If you have not voted for Circulets yet on the BestAppEver Awards, there is still time. Vote now!

Psst: we will be very active in replying on Touch Arcade forums, than anywhere else.


May.15th at Hashstash / All geared up for Casual Connect Asia 2014

We are all ready and gung ho about the upcoming Casual Connect Asia 2014 in Singapore. Casual Connect is one of the premier game developer conferences and this will be our second trip to CCA. Last year, we showcased Circulets at the conference and were awarded the Most Innovative Game award.

This time around we will be showcasing two games (we were slated for 4, but had to pull out 2 at the last moment due to some unforeseen circumstances). The games we will be showcasing are: Splash Damage and Huerons (along with Infinite Eurekas).

We are not participating in the Indie Prize Awards this time though. We were not able to submit a working build of the game in time, but we have our hopes high about a positive impact with our games in the showcase.

If you are around at Casual Connect Asia, do stop by our table and play our games.

We’d love to hear your feedback.


May.15th at Hashstash / On NDTV talking about Careers in Gaming

I was recently part of a story done by NDTV Prime, a leading technology media channel in India, for their show called “Head’s Up”. The show is geared towards a younger audience, preparing them for the future with career advice and information. This week their topic was Careers in Gaming. Along with other key figures from the Indian gaming industry, we spoke about the various career paths in game development and how to go about them.

Here’s the whole episode:

With @supersikegames, @NASSCOMGDC, @LakshyaDigital, @jags_india, we talk about gaming as career on @ndtvprime

— Hashstash (@teamHash) May 14, 2014


May.6th at Hashstash / Splash Damage: how long will you survive

People! It’s announcement time!

After spending a year working on Circulets, it’s updates and it’s spin-offs, we are moving forward in a new direction and a new game. It is called Splash Damage, and we will be showcasing it at Casual Connect Asia 2014.

Set in a hostile world, Splash Damage is a game about survival. As The Prospector likes to say:

“In the fluid world,
those trapped in between,
How long will they survive?”


We don’t have much details to offer right now, but we will leave you with this.



May.1st at Hashstash / Circulets FREE is now on Android

It is almost a year since we released Circulets for Android. Since then, we have gone on to win the Most Innovative game at Casual Connect Asia 2013 and got nominated for the BestAppEver Awards (if you havent voted for us yet, vote now). We decided to reach out to more users on Android with a free version of the game, which is exactly what Circulets FREE is.

We released the game on April 27 and have been very happy with the response it has gotten on the Play Store. If for any reason you hadn’d bought Circulets, go download Circulets FREE now.


Get it from Play Store


Apr.13th at Ctrl Alt Delhi / New Releases and Old Stuff plus Whats Coming

We just released The Dark Reprise. Thats almost after 2 months of our previous release (The Nemicron Flourish was released on Feb 5th). We have been a lot quite lately, yes. But that is only because we have been working real hard.

So whats happening? A lot. We are working on 5 tracks, including two vocal ones. The one's we can name right away are Recourse, Darkness, Tere Bina (vocal), and Andhera (vocal, based on Darkness). Another, is a loung-ish, techno track, which is still unnamed.

read more


Apr.4th at OSSCube / Team Development Concepts with Zend Studio for Eclipse Webinar Resources Released

We have now released the resources from the Team Development Concepts with Zend Studio for Eclipse Webinar hosted by Peter MacIntyre on Monday, March 7th, 2011.

The webinar introduced the Zend Studio 8 for Eclipse environment to the participants and walked them through the key Zend concepts & features including Views, Perspectives and Workspaces. In the webinar, Peter went on to explain how Zend Studio 8 supports team collaboration including Code Revision and development processes. Through the Webinar, we show how Zend Studio for Eclipse and PHP is the preferred option for building enterprise applications.

The video of the whole session can be seen below:

(Team Development Concepts with Zend Studio for Eclipse from OSSCube on Vimeo)

The slide deck from the webinar can be read below:

We look forward to your comments and feedback on the webinar.

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Mar.3rd at OSSCube / Meeting up with Gervase Markham at the Mozilla Meetup, Delhi

On February 27th, Gervase Markham, a developer of Bugzilla and lead for the project Domesday, joined the Mozilla community in Delhi for a general meetup. The venue for the meetup was Coffee Home, Connaught Place, Delhi. Around 20 participants turned up for the meetup.

Gervase was on a tour to South Asia, having spent time with the Mozilla communities in Bangladesh and in India. Gervase started contributing to the Mozilla project back in 2000 and in 2006 he won a Google/O'Reilly Open Source Awards as the "Best Community Activist". The agenda of the meetup was for Gerv to interact with the Mozilla community in Delhi and discuss ideas, initiatives and challenges.

One central theme for the discussion that kept recurring was the imminent launch of Firefox 4 and the community activities around the launch. Gerv was all praise for members of the community making active contributions to FOSS projects and was also very happy about the Google Summer of Code participants amongst those present.

Pictures from the meetup can be seen on Flickr

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Mar.2nd at OSSCube / Experiences at OSScamp Solan

OSScamp Solan was organized during the annual tech-fest of Chitkara University - Algorythm. Students from Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh attended the camp.

The camp started off with my usual talk "What is Open Source" - an idea to broaden the concept of Open Source, which would ensure everyone is on the same page to begin with. Discussions took a great leap forward from the introduction, when the idea - how does a common man benefit from open source, turned up. It was an interesting discussion, where students were trying ot get over the theoretical freedoms of FOSS to its practical implementations. Apart from this, the discussion also helped in clearing out the confusion many students face - that open source is like some social work, when we discussed "How can you earn with Open Source Softwares".   I went forth to discussing how services and product companies work with open source softwares and the general demand for highly skilled people. Went on to discuss how experience with working on open source softwares and distributed development teams can help students build up their career growth spirals. From the looks of the participant, this sure was an eye-opener. Further on, programs like Google Summer of Code aroused a lot of interest. I wonder how many students take it forward.   After all this serious discussion, we plugged in our guitars to lmms and explored DAWs and music synthesis with FOSS softwares. We ended the day with discussions on Licensing and the role it plays in computing.   Day 2 was a series of how tos with FOSS projects, where participants showcased projects and discussed them. We also started actively working on a physical music library manager project being written in python by some of the participants of the camp. It looks like an interesting project in the offering too. Lets hope it turns out solid within its roadmap.   (with inputs from Mayank Saini)   Pictures from the camp can be found at Flickr (this link will take you there), while my presentation is embedded below. Foss: Why should it matter to Students View more presentations from OSSCube LLC A Global Open Source Enterprise for Open Source Solutions Hide from blog:  No


Feb.28th at OSSCube / Expectations for IT and ITeS sectors from Union Budget 2011

Economic Times covered our President, Lavanya Rastogi, today with his views and expectations from the Budget 2011. Excerpts from the story:

Mr. Lavanya Rastogi, President, OSSCube Solutions Ltd. on expectations for the IT and ITeS sector from Union Budget 2011.

OSSCube Solutions is a global Open Source Software focused company, providing an integrated value chain of services encompassing outsourced software development, product customization and implementation, consulting and training services, on open source products and technologies, delivered through its principal locations spread across North America, UK & India.

OSSCube has served 50+ industry leader clients such as Intel, Google, Yahoo, Trend Micro, LinkedIn, and in four continents. Some of the solutions developed by them include Enterprise Products, Web 2.0 applications, Social Networking sites, Ecommerce applications and Widgets, Games and Mobile applications. Following is a small quote on budget expectations of the SME segment in the IT and ITES sector.

Budget expectation - I wish that this budget would consider the special challenges of SME segment of the sunrise sector of IT and ITES. Consecutive budgets have been kind towards the IT sector in general, its an urgent need for the Government to take note of the specific needs of the SME players which so far have received a trickle. World over innovation and disruptive/transformational business models have often come from startups like Google, Facebook, etc and a nurturing ecosystem has facilitated their transformation into mega corporations. Its about time that India caught up.

My wish list from the Government at this stage is for simple things, on the policy side, dropping the suspense and extension of the STPI scheme by at least three years to allow the SME’s leverage the growth emanating from global recovery, reduction of rate of MAT, a formal push to the banks to expand credit under the SME Credit Guarantee scheme which is currently tough to get by most entrepreneurs.

On the incentive side, it would be good to see some bold visionary steps like tax credits for not only R&D but also skill development spend, encouragement to local governance arms specially in backward regions like north east etc. to engage SMEs in eGov and capability building initiatives to help spur growth and maturity in the local IT services sector and recognizing IT/ITES as a distinct Industry exempt from archaic provisions of Shops and establishments act and other state industrial acts more oriented to manufacturing industries.

(The author is Mr. Lavanya Rastogi, President, OSSCube Solutions Ltd.. Views are personal)

You can check the whole story on the Economic Times website here.

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