Ending 2011

2011 ended for me in a rush. So much so that, I have nto been able to regularly update this blog. A lot happened in the end of 2011 and I will only summarily mention them here.

Novemeber was pretty eventful. First, there was the NASSCOM Game Developer Conference in Pune from Nov 10-11. I was there as an organiser of the Build Your Own Game sprint. At the conference, I met many people from the industry and it was a very useful thing to happen as I was personally able to make sense of things happening around me and Hashstash and the road ahead. Click the image below to see the whole album.

Just after returning from Pune, I had to rush to Kuala lumpur for the MozCamp Asia. The MozCamp Asia was an event for Mozilla contributors from all of Asia and the objective of the event was to bring everyone at the same page and leverage the total strength of the Asian community. Click the image below to see the whole album.

Returning back from MozCamp Asia, I got infected with Pharyngitis and spent the last two weeks of November on the sick bed. Resumed work and life from December.

December was a very chaotic month for us at Hashstash, primarily because we spent a considerable amount of time finding a new workspace and moving to it. But we ended up getting a pretty awesome uberspace. Click image for the full album.

2012 began with many good things, which I will share in the next post.

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