I work at Hashstash

Over the last month, I have been a bit quiet on this blog. The quiet owes to the fact that I started my own company. The company is a games development company and we will be making computer games for multiple platforms, including: Windows, Mac, Linux, XBox 360, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Tablets, Web Games and Facebook.

Thats a long list. Indeed. Making games is not as easy as one might feel, but it is at least as much fun as playing a game. In the last 4 weeks, we have had a joy ride: Setting up our own company space, lockdowns and hackathons, a communityhack and hacking on four game projects. Heck! We deserve to be exhausted. But we arent. We just got started and are having the time of our life.

Green Rains

So what are we working on? Well, I really cant tell you that, not yet. But how about I tease you? Only a bit? We are working on a Facebook social game, which is not like your typical game on the platform. And we are also working on a touch-based game for the mobile platforms. Thats about it, you dont get to hear more about them. And remember: You didnt hear this from me as well.

In due time, we will be revealing these games and the other two games as well. They are a tad bigger and have a bit longer roadmap. These two should see a reveal soon.

Meanwhile, this place is going to remain a bit quiet. I dont spend much time on Facebook or Twitter as well anymore (but I am active), but things will change to better soon. Mid-August sounds like a promise I can keep, and I will have more to tell by that time. And perhaps, I should share my start up experience with you as well. Soon.

For the time, wish me best, while I crazily decree to the world - Yes! I work at Hashstash.


Submitted by Gaurav Mishra on Tue, 07/26/2011 - 10:33
Lage Raho! Munna bhai!
Submitted by Manusunil on Tue, 08/02/2011 - 18:56
Wishing you the very best! Nothing pays better than hard work, neither is anything more sweet.   Keep Rocking, Your Fan

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