In life, there are those rare occassions when you willfully lose something. You let it fly right out of your hands, knowing pretty well you will repent it. Knowing that one day you will ask yourself how could you ever let it happen. How did things turn this way?

Knowing that there will be no return.

And then there are things you do. Things you deliberately create. Deliberately say. Scheme! Everything with the hope that it will turn out alright. With that hope. A flimsy thread of faith. Just a breathful.

I have been here before.

Freeze the clock now. Stop the time. You would want to preserve this moment. You would want to stand in front of it and look through. Your reflection. And smile. Perhaps. Maybe you would want to look back. Maybe turn around.

No. Listening to The Social Network soundtrack on loop was definitely not a good idea.

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Submitted by shagufta on Thu, 06/12/2014 - 21:03
beautiful :-)

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