About Me

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I’m really big on tech and believe it’s a real game-changer that makes things fair for everyone. I’ve been super keen on getting handy tech tools into the hands of regular folks. I love working in a team, bouncing ideas off each other, and working towards big shared goals. Things I’m really into include planning for products, figuring out how they should look and work, and managing the whole shebang.

I’m one of the founding members at MyySports, where we’re bringing sports into the digital world and making sure it’s something everyone can get involved in. MyySports is part of the MyyTake Group, and our big aim is to make “Goodness: a way of Life”.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been pretty involved in shaping India’s gaming industry, starting from scratch with Hashstash (now known as MyyHashstash) and GameDev.in. MyyHashstash is one of the leading game development studios in India, and people know us for being thought-leaders in the ever-growing Indian Games industry. We became part of the MyyTake family back in Nov 2021.

GameDev.in is India’s biggest and longest-running game developer community, all about sharing knowledge and working together. We do some really cool stuff like our own game creation competition (BYOG Game Jam), an annual event for game developers (India Game Developer Conference), and even an award ceremony (the IGDC Awards). To top it all off, my contributions to the Indian Games Industry got me a spot on the GI100 Global Game Changer’s 2020 list by the GamesIndustry.biz magazine!

MyyTake, MyySports, MyyHashstash, and GameDev.in are all working together using tech and interactive media to build platforms that are reaching people all over the world. Our mission? To give young people the tools to make a lasting and meaningful change in their worlds.

Let’s do this!

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