I started Hashstash in 2011 and led it to be one of the prominent indie game development companies in India. As Hashstash, we released the critically acclaimed and award winning local multiplayer game – Circulets. The game was judged as the most innovative game at Casual Connect Asia 2013 and was placed third at the Best App Ever Android Awards 2014 (awarded by Steel Media; the game was ranked after Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans).

Following Circulets, the team released an innovative puzzle game – Huerons, in collaboration with Infinite Eurekas, that was published by the french publisher Bulkypix. Huerons was awarded the fourth place for Slide To Play’s (from the IndieDB group) Game of the Year. We then self-published a challenging arcade platformer Splash Damage that was featured by Apple across Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Since then we have been working on a new original IP with an American publisher, which is a modern day reimagining of a classic board game.

Other than my adventures at Hashstash, I have been actively involved with the game development community in India, organising game jams and other community initiatives. I am also a part of the NASSCOM Gaming Forum, the industry wide trade body that works to promote and build the game development ecosystem in India. Over a career that spans 9 years, I have donned many hats – social marketer, community evangelist, product architect, entrepreneur, designer, and writer.