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Gamifying the Remote Workplace

Excerpt from my article for the Insights Success magazine October 2020 edition. Read the full article here.

A company’s culture and team spirit is much more than a physical office space. It is a sum of its vision, purpose, processes and outlook. It sure gets amplified by the office environment but does not entirely depend on it. The answer then is purposeful engagement of the workforce. Thankfully, one half of this equation is easily defined by the work that the team is expected to. The other half is built up by how they do it. This “how” is what has been severely affected by the Work From Anywhere model, as this is now beyond the control of the organisation. But do not despair, there is still much you can do – the answer is gamifying the remote workplace.

Gamification in Education at EduTech 2020

I am speaking at IAMAI’s EduTech 2020 tomorrow in a panel discussion on “Gamification in Education“. My fellow panelists are Sebastian Gutmann (Co-Founder & CEO, Playvolution), Lalit Singh (MD, McGraw Hill India & South Asia), Prof. (Dr) Tabrez Ahmed (Pro Vice Chancellor & Dean – GD Goenka University), and Kunal Gandhi (Co-Founder & CEO, Logic Roots).

I would be talking about my experiences with building gamified experiences for our different non-profit partners at Hashstash, including our latest project on Human Rights and Freedom of Expression. I would also talk about our recently announced partnership with KPMG, where we will be juicing up sustainability reports and social impact communications for brands and corporates.

I will share a video of the session, when they put one out.

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